Aditi Thirani

Indian Accented Female Voice Over artist

Your search for a brilliant voice for your project ends here.

Aditi Thirani is a Blabbermouth..

Wait! Scratch that!

She is a Professional Blabbermouth AKA Professional Voice Over Artist based in Mumbai. Known as The Professional Blabbermouth, Aditi Thirani is the top choice for Commerical, Tagline and Signature Voice Overs. A uniquely versatile voice, she can do a soft soothing promo just as easily as she can do a bubbly and energetic one. A trustworthy voice that is known for the Husky texture of her voice, she is absolutely efficient and super fast in turning around work. Aditi Thirani aka Professional Blabbermouth comes with years of experience recording for commercials, promos and taglines, and offers a complete range of Global/Neutral Accent and Hindi & Urdu Voice Over Services.

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